Work in New Americana

Ford_webMy painting, titled Ford will be in the show, New Americana at Bird in Brooklyn, NY curated by Justin Davis Anderson and Peter Joseph. The show opens October 9th and runs into November. There is some great work in the show. If your in Williamsburg, check it out. Here’s what I had to say about Ford for the exhibition statement:

Ford is a piece that aims to connect shared experiences, senses of place and time, through material and image. The word Ford has many connotations and resonates in the lexicon of American culture, history and present day. My work is often a search and a lens for a “future nostalgia”, and ideas of a “New Americana” dovetail into those notions seamlessly. The New Americana that is developing will of course contain car culture and it seems that once again Ford is on the forefront of car sales, innovation, and American Muscle cars that may yet again last long enough to become the New Americana for this and     future generations.

October 8, 2013