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November 10, 2016

Parts and Labor

I have a solo exhibition opening August 25th at the Horowitz Center for Visual and Performing Arts at Howard    Community College in Columbia, MD. The show feature 8 large-scale paintings and a series of small works, all from    the last few years. The opening reception will be held on September 8, from 5 to 7pm and the exhibition runs until October 8, 2016. If you are in the area, please stop into the gallery and check out the show.Fesmireshowcard

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September 7, 2016

Appetite For Destruction

FencePiece_small I will be installing a large “fence” piece for inclusion in Appetite for Destruction, The Wassaic Project’s summer exhibition. The piece, titled I was lucky enough to grow up with the constant knowledge that getting my hands dirty is incredibly beautiful (Nick Offerman) uses the icon of a fence, text and artwork ephemera to explore ideas of work, labor and the rural. The fence is a signifier of many things, resonating most loudly in this work as tradition, history, hard work and rural ephemera. Installation happening on May 21 and installation shots to follow.

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May 2, 2016

Idle Trades Exhibition

Postcard_2015_Vista_frontOpening reception for Idle Trades is this Sunday, January 31st from 1 to 3pm.

Featuring the work of Elizabeth Alexander, Tim Bearse, Sam Duket, Bradley Fesmire, Matt Murphy, and Neal Walsh, this exhibition explores what it means to create—that is, to work—by presenting a range of pieces that emphasize process. Each piece hints at the ideas from which the work proceeded, embracing at the same time notions of vision and revision.

When we think of what it means to spend our days in the studio, ideas of work instilled in us by our teachers and parents come to mind in the form of remembered phrases, such as a hard day’s worksweat equity, getting our hands dirty, and apracticed mentality of first one in, last one out. Though each artist’s contribution comprises a unique exploration of these themes, the exhibition as a whole emphasizes points of intersection in their work, most notably in the physical nature of their pieces and in their chosen materials and processes. Bearse’s mixed media sculptures make diligent use of industrial materials while Alexander’s subvert and reimagine everyday forms, from the workbench to the dining room table; in similar spirit, Walsh layers his paintings with discarded objects from the studio floor. In his work, Fesmire connects to a deep sense of craftsmanship, as does Duket whose sculptures resemble the tools of an ideated trade. Drawing is central to Murphy’s paintings and constructions; like Walsh, he works with grids, both artists thinking and composing like draftsmen.

Shown together in this exhibition, these artists’ work demonstrates the interplay of authenticity and cooperation that underpins all meaningful occupation. We borrow our title from a poem by William Butler Yeats. “Idle Trades” is a testament to the creative processes that spur invention and motivate work, as well as to the creative products themselves.

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January 27, 2016

Work at the Painting Center

My piece Windsock, will be part of the show Writing on the Wall at the Painting Center in NY. “The exhibition features a diverse group of artists who are exploring text-based art. Visual art that incorporates writing engages the viewer on multiple fronts, with letters, numerals or scribbles that bridge the divide between mark making and narrative meaning.” The show opens June 23rd and runs through July 18th. Windsock_web

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May 28, 2015

Looking At Modern Painting


This is what’s going on in the studio…you’re looking at modern painting.

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December 9, 2014

We Don’t Make Mistakes

WeDon'tMakeMistakesI will have some brand new work in We Don’t Make Mistakes, an exhibition with fellow artists Sam Duket, Shawn Gilheeny, Buck Hastings and Neal Walsh. The show will be held at the Chazan Gallery in Providence and will run from March 7 – March 27. The opening reception is Friday, March 7 from 5-7pm. The Chazan Gallery is located at The Wheeler School at 228 Angell Street, Providence, RI  02906. www.chazangallery.org

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February 27, 2014

Primary Urges

ChasingTrains_sideview_smallI will have 7 paintings in a group show called Primary Urges at the Honfleur Gallery in Washington DC that runs from March 7th through April 25th. The exhibition statement is as follows: Though singular in voice, the work of Brad Fesmire, Vanessa Irzyk, and Sarah Boyts Yoder shares a sense of urgency imparted through the handling of their selected materials. In their distinct compositions, each artist makes clear that bringing their engrossments with color, line, and fabrication into the tactile world is paramount to their practice. Primary Urges brings together works by each artist that highlight conversations about process, narrative, and the handmade that resonate between them.


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January 15, 2014

Work in New Americana

Ford_webMy painting, titled Ford will be in the show, New Americana at Bird in Brooklyn, NY curated by Justin Davis Anderson and Peter Joseph. The show opens October 9th and runs into November. There is some great work in the show. If your in Williamsburg, check it out. Here’s what I had to say about Ford for the exhibition statement:

Ford is a piece that aims to connect shared experiences, senses of place and time, through material and image. The word Ford has many connotations and resonates in the lexicon of American culture, history and present day. My work is often a search and a lens for a “future nostalgia”, and ideas of a “New Americana” dovetail into those notions seamlessly. The New Americana that is developing will of course contain car culture and it seems that once again Ford is on the forefront of car sales, innovation, and American Muscle cars that may yet again last long enough to become the New Americana for this and     future generations.

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October 8, 2013

Work featured on PEEK


My painting, Stringer Bell was featured on the art blog, PEEK on September 5, 2013.

Check out PEEK at http://leegainer.blogspot.com/ for some really awesome artists and their work.

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September 9, 2013